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About Us

who we are

       The BAAC believes that a viable approach to improve the lives of people on the autism spectrum will not come from one source, but will instead draw from the cutting-edge work of researchers in psychiatry, neurology, pediatrics, genetics, epidemiology, developmental neurobiology, pharmacology, community-based participatory research, and other fields that we may not even currently anticipate.


       We are a growing collaboration between members of autism programs at some of the world’s leading research and clinical centers—University of California-San Francisco, Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, the California Department of Public Health, SRI International, and the Children’s Health Council.

    Partially funded by the John and Marcia Goldman Foundation, the BAAC will create an intellectual hub where collaborations are nurtured, ideas shared, and joint ventures forged. We believe that competition can propel discovery, but collaboration has the power to multiply it. Rather than hope for a miracle, we believe that together, we can make one.

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Our mission

Our mission is to advance the science in the field of autism by supporting multidisciplinary collaboration among researchers, care providers, and the Bay Area’s technologically innovative community.

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