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Significant advances in improving the quality of life for people on the autism spectrum can be achieved when autistic people, scientists, families, physicians, and donors can join forces and work toward this common goal. As a member, you can enjoy access to:

  • On-line newsletters and email updates

  • Discounted BAAC Annual Research Symposium registration fees

  • Panel discussions, journal clubs, and round table talks

  • A searchable database to find colleagues in the Bay Area for collaborative projects and member information

  • Opportunities to contribute to our public-facing resource pages 

  • Posting job and research opportunities for members 

  • Participation in special committees and opportunities to lead within BAAC 

  • Personal profiles on this website to highlight current research and other professional interests 

  • Networking opportunities through chat groups 

We welcome anyone to join as a member, whether you work with those with autism, are in academia as faculty, a postdoc, a graduate, medical, or undergraduate student researching autism, have family or friends with autism, or are simply interested in supporting and learning about this community. 

join us 

Please note that although you will be able to create an account on this website without purchasing a membership subscription, doing so will not provide you access to any of the benefits listed above. Access will only be granted once you also purchase a membership subscription. 

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