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Below are articles on recent, high-impact research, free for your use. If you've enjoyed these and would like access to more resources, consider becoming a member or donating! 

recent articles from high-impact journals 

APRIL 2022
MARCH 2022
February 2022

Andrews, D. S., Aksman, L., Kerns, C. M., Lee, J. K., Winder-Patel, B. M., Harvey, D. J., ... & Amaral, D. G. (2022). Association of Amygdala Development with Different Forms of Anxiety in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Biological Psychiatry.


Huang, Q., Pereira, A. C., Velthuis, H., Wong, N. M., Ellis, C. L., Ponteduro, F. M., ... & McAlonan, G. M. (2022). GABAB receptor modulation of visual sensory processing in adults with and without autism spectrum disorder. Science translational medicine, 14(626), eabg7859.


Mazziotti, R., Scaffei, E., Conti, E. et al. The amplitude of fNIRS hemodynamic response in the visual cortex unmasks autistic traits in typically developing children. Transl Psychiatry12, 53 (2022).


Montobbio, N., Cavallo, A., Albergo, D., Ansuini, C., Battaglia, F., Podda, J., ... & Becchio, C. (2022). Intersecting kinematic encoding and readout of intention in autism. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(5).


Paulsen, B., Velasco, S., Kedaigle, A. J., Pigoni, M., Quadrato, G., Deo, A. J., ... & Arlotta, P. (2022). Autism genes converge on asynchronous development of shared neuron classes. Nature, 1-6.


Sha, Z., van Rooij, D., Anagnostou, E. et al. Subtly altered topological asymmetry of brain structural covariance networks in autism spectrum disorder across 43 datasets from the ENIGMA consortium. Mol Psychiatry (2022).

Stewart Campbell, A., Needham, B.D., Meyer, C.R. et al. Safety and target engagement of an oral small-molecule sequestrant in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder: an open-label phase 1b/2a trial. Nat Med (2022).

December 2021

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