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Job and Research Openings

Updated: May 6

Below you will find openings for positions, research studies, etc., submitted by our community members. If you are a member and would like to post here, please send us an email at

POSTED 5/6/23: Working Group for Center for Sleep in Autism at Stanford

Stanford University was recently awarded as one of the ten Autism Centers of Excellence by the National Institutes of Health. Our group will focus on sleep and autism. Part of our new center is to create a partnership between community stakeholders and our research team.

Accordingly, we are recruiting working group members for this Community-Academic Partnership (CAP) which will develop toolkits on “Sleep and Autism” for the community. Please see below for more information about CAP in the flier.

Are you an autistic individual, a family member of an autistic individual, a provider for autistic people? If the answer is yes and you are interested in joining the working group, please fill out the interest form via this link. Please also consider forwarding the following flier to your network as you see appropriate.

POSTED 2/6/23: UCSF Speech, Voice and Communication Study

The UCSF Speech, Voice and Communication study is currently recruiting pediatric participants ages 8-16 with autism or with typical neurodevelopment to examine

communication in children. Participants will be compensated $400 in cash for completion of all study procedures, which include diagnostic screening, neuropsychological evaluation, and MEG and MRI scans.

For more information, please visit our website or contact us at

POSTED 1/24/23: Stanford Autism Center - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator

Stanford University’s Autism and Developmental Disorders Research Program is seeking a new Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator to perform administrative support duties related to the collection and analysis of clinical data from children and adolescents with and without neurodevelopmental disorders. In particular, this position will involve the coordination of clinical trials that utilize non-invasive neuroimaging measures like MRI and EEG to develop biomarkers for precision psychiatry.

This position coordinates all aspects of our clinical research including recruitment, accurate data management and entry, collection of blood or saliva samples, collection and analysis MRI and EEG data, and work with regulatory agencies including the IRB and FDA. Previous experience obtaining MRI or EEG scans, coding to process complex neuroimaging data, coordinating medication or other clinical trials, and working with children with autism spectrum disorder is highly desirable. This position requires working some evening, night and/or weekend shifts in order to obtain MRI and EEG scans from research participants after school or while they are sleeping.

Contact John Hegarty at with any questions

Apply Here:

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